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Melanie Robb - homeopath based in Dorking, Surrey Welcome to the Vital Health website for Homeopathy - natural solutions for healthy living. This site is designed to both introduce myself as a Homeopath - based in Dorking, Surrey - and to provide you with some insights into this and other forms of complementary medicine that I practice.

Introduction to Homeopathy

Homeopathy provides and excellent alternative to those that seek a more natural path to healthy living. Many are attracted by the gentle nature of its remedies and the power to treat everyone as an individual, not as a named disease or a collection of symptoms. As Homeopathy treats the whole person, not just the part of the body that is unwell, it can be helpful to almost anyone with any illness. Homeopathy can be used in conjunction with other medical treatments, is safe to use in pregnancy and very effective with young children.

It can be tremendously useful in the natural treatment of mental/emotional states for example: anxiety, insomnia and eating disorders, as well any physical illness whether it be acute or chronic.

My Surrey based Homeopathic Service

I am a fully qualified and insured member of The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH) and abide by their rules and conditions of practice.

My Homeopathic practice is located in Dorking, Surrey and covers Dorking and surrounding areas including Redhill, Reigate, Leatherhead and Ashtead.

My homeopathic treatment can also include Flower Essences.

I am happy to offer a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss any questions you may have in detail to see how Homeopathy can help you.

“The natural force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well” - Hippocrates.

Melanie Robb

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