Flower Essences

Pioneered over 50 years ago by Edward Bach, a physician and a Homeopath, he believed as many Doctors do today, that the attitude of the mind plays a vital role in maintaining natutral health and recovering from illness.

The purpose of flower essences is to support the person's fight against anxiety, uncertainty, fear, depression, worry and other emotional factors that impede a person′s well-being and health.

The essences can be taken on their own or in conjunction with other medical treatment. They can be used by anyone who feels generally tired or run down without a specific medical diagnosis.

Flower essences are safe to use for anyone including children.

The flower essence remedies, like other forms of natural medicine, treat the person not the disease or disease symptoms. The effect of taking them is not to suppress negative attitudes but to change them into positive ones, thereby enhancing one′s own potential and enjoyment of life; to spur on the physical system that might be causing distress or to overcome emotional problems.

The flower essences used at Vital Health are from Alaska, and Australia, though they all adhere to the same principle Edward Bach began all those years ago.

Macrocarpa - flower essences
Use when you're tired, exhausted, burnt out or have low immunity - promotes energy, vitality and endurance
Bottlebrush - flower essences
Use when overwhelmed by major life changes (adolescence, parenthood, pregnancy) - promotes serenity, ability to cope & to move on.
Bush Fuchsia - flower essences
Bush Fuchsia
For nervousness in public, stuttering or poor learning ability - promotes courage to speak out and with clarity. Puts you in touch with your intuition.
Five Corners - flower essences
Five Corners
For low self esteem, crushed personality - promotes positive demeanour, feeling good about oneself and accepting oneself

Flower essences photos and text supplied courtesy of Australian Bush Flower Essences, all rights reserved.

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