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Passion flower - homeopathic remedy Good health means plenty of energy, emotional balance, good nourishment and an awareness of what suits our bodies and what enhances our personal health. Our bodies give us clues if something is wrong; we have to learn to listen.  A healthy state can also include resistance to infection and some protection from major killer diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

One major addition to maintaining good health and energy is to be able and willing to take responsibility for ourselves and our health. What ever condition that may beset us, it always comes back to the individual′s desire and inclination to achieve a healthy state, and to take an active part in their treatment.

Since all our body systems are designed to be linked to each other, what effects one organ will ultimately affect another. Anxiety, depression and stress have been shown to affect the immune system by lowering the cell activity and antibody production, thereby allowing in threads of emotive thoughts concerning our wellbeing.

The survival instinct and the unconscious mind produce amazing responses to life threatening situations. If we cut ourselves, we don′t have to engage our brain to get the blood to the wound site and to start coagulating and healing - it′s instinctive. However, our mind makes conscious choices that plunge us into doubt, fear, anger and frustration. Stress does not come from within our bodies, it′s manufactured from responses to environmental factors, actions, situations and emotions. Not all stress is bad, we can perform well under certain levels of stress as the body draws on its own resources to combat a perceived situation. This is a healthy response with energy and balance.

A healthy balanced diet is important, as is an awareness of excess food additives, pollutants and pesticides. A sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals are needed if we are to support ourselves well. Controversy is widespread about the correct way to feed ourselves with very different views concerning protein, organics, carbohydrates and vitamin supplementation.

However there is no such thing as a magic cure, it′s a healing process that sometimes can be very short but also can take a long time. Natural healing uses gentle means to support the body back to vitality taking into consideration lifestyle, nutrition and emotional balance.
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